Our Mission

Redefining picnics by creating a unique and memorable experience for any occasion. Creating picnics that are beautifully curated and designed with the utmost attention to every detail.

Our Vision

Covid has forced the world to look at life through a new lens, a day in the sun started as an idea for family and friends as a way to connect with nature while being able to spend time together. A vision that was executed to give you a picnic experience that will bring lasting memories and some fantastic insta worthy photos. ( because who doesn’t love a good Instagram shot lol ). We offer the ultimate in posh picnics in the Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, and Niagara regions.

Our values

Our work will be informed and guided by beliefs and commitments to :


We respect people, value diversity, and are committed to equality

Worthy of trust

We keep our promises and are committed to running an ethical business 

High standards

This is a way of life for us. We pursue excellence in everything we do


We value the moments of happiness and joy through our work to bring people together

about me

Welcome to a day in the sun a posh picnic co.

I’m thrilled to be able to finally launch my passion project. I’ve always had a passion for design and event planning, tracing back to my younger years, my friends would call me “ Martha Stewart”. Every detail of my hosting duties was intricately executed. My goal was always to mesh my love of hosting parties and dinners with a business plan that would allow me to make my client’s visions come to life. Fear of failing has always stopped me from pursuing my dreams. In 2018 I took the first step on a journey to get my Master’s in Business degree so that I could fill in the gaps between what I had envisioned artistically but knew that lacked in business-wise. After 2 long years, I achieved my MBA, and living through COVID with the rest of the world has taught me that I didn’t want to be that person who looks back and wonders what could have happened if I wasn’t too scared. So here we are… A day in the sun was born.

Life is actually a picnic!

Founder and  Creative Director

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